Give your special event a different vibe from all the others with professional & elegant Special EFFECTS.


Dancing on the Clouds

Wow your guests! Cover your dance floor with a beautiful low laying puffy cloud for your first dance, Special dance or performance.

spark 2.png

Cold Sparks

Spark up your special moment! Weather it's during your first dance or your grand entrance.... These spark machines will definately have all your guests amazed.


CO2 Blast

Our Clients favorite toy! Our CO2 cannon is used during the peak moment at your event and it will make your guests go insane! It's the real deal, it will take that moment and raise it to the next level.

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La Hora Loca - The Crazy Hour

Our Dancers will make your event memorable, Weather your have a Belly Dancer, a Flame Throwing  Fire Girl Dancer or our Samba Dancers for La Hora Loca (the crazy hour) Adding this feature to your event will ehance it to the next level. Our beautiful, professional dancers will start the party or they will keep the party going.


As DJ professionals, we know a wide variety of music and quality equipment isn’t all that goes into making a memorable night.

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